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De Soto’s Best Electrical Contractor
A family owned and operated business since 1965, De Soto Electrical Products has been an electrical contractor located at 12561 Highway 21 in De Soto since 1980.  De Soto Electrical Products is a licensed electrical contractor in both Jefferson and St. Louis County.  We also work in all surrounding counties including Jefferson, County, South St. Louis, Washington County, St. Francis County, St. Genevieve County and Franklin County.

Residential & Light Commercial Contracting
De Soto Electrical Products has trained and qualified electricians to perform all types of electrical services from replacing a simple light switch or receptacle to rewiring your existing residence.  In addition to these electricial services, we also wire new home construction and apartments.  Ready to start your project?  Contact us at (636) 337-3381!

Full-house Backup Generators and Installation
Every home or business is susceptible to sudden losses of utility power, disabling refrigeration, cooling and other the operation important appliances.  We can get you out of the dark by installing an emergency backup generator that replaces utility power during short or prolonged power outages.  From a solution as simple as a 5000 watt generator all the way up to a generator strong enough to power your entire home, we’ll work with you to design, install and maintain your generator so that you’re never in the dark again.  Call us for more information about how you can avoid losing power: (636) 337-3381.